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Volunteer Call Out – A Celebration of Great Yarmouth Migrant History Project

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14 July 2020 at 3:04 pm

Help us tell the story of the transformation of the historic ‘King Street’ area of Great Yarmouth!

If you are someone who is passionate about recent history, interested in Great Yarmouth’s unique neighbourhood and keen to volunteer in an innovative migrant heritage project – we want to hear from you!

SeaChange Arts is looking for a group of 10 volunteers to take part in the ‘Celebration of Great Yarmouth Migrant History Project’.

The group of volunteers will be trained as story collectors and will be mentored by the Cultural Learning Coordinator. No prior experience is required. The training programme will take place over a couple of hours on a morning or afternoon mid July (dates tbc), and will teach you everything you need to know about collecting oral histories and accessing archives and will give you some valuable skills in running your own arts/heritage activities. You will learn interview techniques, how to operate recording equipment, transcribe and catalogue materials for archiving. You will also work with professional artists to edit the recorded interviews into an exhibition soundscape.

Commitment to the project will vary depending on your availability. Ideally, you will be available and willing to participate in a short training programme in mid July 2020 and be able to conduct 4 story collection sessions during July and August. Transcribing and editing will take place in early September leading up to an end of  project celebration and exhibition on 19th September 2020.

For further information and/or to sign up please contact:

Dulce Duca

Email: dulceduca.dif@gmail.com

Phone: 07523243654


Project Outline

‘Celebration of Great Yarmouth Migrant History Project’ is  supported by The Council of Europe, The European Commission and European Heritage Days and will be delivered in partnership with Seachange Arts, Time & Tide Museum, Creative People & Places: Freshly Greated, St. George’s Theatre and the Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust.

The project tells the story of the transformation of the historic ‘King Street’ area of Great Yarmouth, viewed through the eyes of Portuguese migrant workers who have built their lives there over the last 20 years. It provides a platform for community voice, for people to tell their stories, share their experiences and celebrate together, promoting a deeper sense of community cohesion, unity and belonging.