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We are Out There Arts!

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2 December 2020 at 6:42 pm

We are now Out There Arts. There comes a point in every story where a theme, an idea, a character evolves into something greater than they ever were and we have come to that point. Since 1998 we have produced, hosted, created, delivered, and programmed the very best of culture in, for and with Great Yarmouth. Reflecting on what we’ve achieved in 2020, we have decided it is best to adopt a name and identity that illustrates our transformation into something greater.

Our mission in 1998, was to transform the cultural offerings of the town to make it truly special. Ten years later in 2008, we introduced the Out There International Festival of Circus & Street Arts where breath-taking spectacle and ground-breaking performance combine in a festival woven through world-class performance, family-friendly atmosphere and more than a fair dose of seaside silliness. Since then, the festival has established an international reputation for its exceptional, innovative and diverse programme.

From the continuing success of the Out There Festival, we have built a world-class centre for artistic residencies, collaborating and developing some of the greatest outdoor art shows touring today, The Drill House. Highly adaptable to a variety of events, from theatre to weddings, the Drill House complex will be expanding its offer in the very immediate future – reflecting the growing cultural desires in the community.

Joe Mackintosh, CEO of Out There Arts comments: “Most people know of the Out There Festival and we have rebranded the organisation under Out There Arts banner to make it even clearer who we are and what we do.”

He continued with: “We are also at the point of completing the entire 18,000 square feet  ‘Drill House’ complex of buildings after 8 years of capital development. We are relaunching as Out There Arts – National Centre for Outdoor Arts and Circus. In France, for example, there are 13 National Centres for Street Arts, and what we do is similar in that we combine year-round work with artistic companies and communities on new productions and projects with a major international festival.”

“We have a really exciting slate of new productions, projects, events, and a fantastic Festival programmed lined up for when we are BACK OUT THERE!”

Read on for more exciting announcements…

New for 2021

We strive for something truly innovative, truly immense, truly inclusive, and always, a little bit ‘Out There’. We have been very much in demand as a Creation Centre during 2020 and are looking forward to full activity and audiences returning in 2021. Over the last few months, we have been busily transforming our spaces and buildings to provide a wider offering to artists and the local community. These developments will form a part of a much needed wider programme of neighbourhood regeneration and consistently providing sustainable income generation to support and fund regular participatory activities, involvement, and events across the Drill House complex going forward.

Out There Café
We have reinvigorated the old shopfront of our ex-storage unit to bring the town an exciting new community café to meet the needs of the most disadvantaged residents of the Great Yarmouth and to help to bring about social cohesion. Tender to run the Café will be opening for application in early 2021.

Education Space
Through our cultural education partnership and existing strong relationships with local learning services, our new purpose-built education space will provide a teaching zone for daily use by schools, youth and community groups

Fabrication Workshops
The Drill House complex and amenities now include separate fabrication work-spaces for a number of skills including:

  • Woodwork
  • Metalwork
  • Textiles

This addition gives our artistic residency programme a full range of services to create props, costumes, and set design. The workshops will also be accessible to youth and community groups, encouraging working in creative industries, teaching hands-on making skills, and in building networks and a stronger sense of community.

The Courtyard
We have transformed our outdoor area into a 100+ audience capacity performance space. The Courtyard will be multifunctional and used in conjunction with the Out There Café and The Drill House events:

  • Weddings
  • Feast events
  • Outdoor Performance
  • Outdoor Café Seating
  • Out There Festival

Freshly Greated
The renovation included the addition of an upstairs office space. The new office will be occupied by Creative People and Places/Freshly Greated Project.  Fresh Greated is a 10 year project supported by Arts Council England. The project aims to increase community engagement and involvement with the arts and culture and will be supported by Out There Arts and the facilities at the Drill House Complex.

 With thanks to our supporters and funders helping us realise our visions and the Out There Arts team for all their hard work.