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Puppets Magic Studio

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We are a design studio specialising in creating hand puppets and props for the entertainment industry. Our team comprises of a talented mixture of sculptors, textile artists, animatronic designers and other craftspeople. Together, we have built puppets that have appeared on television, film and theatrical productions at home and abroad. 


The majority of our work is designed and assembled by hand, using traditional techniques. This can include sculpting directly into a block or taking a mould from a clay maquette and then casting this in foam latex. We often use synthetic furs and fibres to fabricate the puppets, as well as tailoring their mini costumes by hand. To take advantage of the many great technologies currently available to us in today’s world, we also make great use of CAD designed, 3D printed parts – particularly eyes and mechanisms used to make specific features of a puppet move.


Our contemporary workshop is capable of designing a wide range of puppets such as moving mouth ‘hand and rod’ puppets so often seen on TV and life-size costume characters that are sometimes seen at theme parks or other live attractions.  

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