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Red Wine Entertainment

Artist/Performer CircusDanceMusicStreet Arts

We are Red Wine Entertainment, a young circus-cabaret duo based in Berlin and active since 2017 with our main show “Cabaret Sauvignon”. We combine the art of juggling with elements of cabaret and live music. Whether outdoors and all on fire or inside with non-flamable gear, we offer a variety of possibilities ready to adjust to your expectations. Our show can take from 10 to 35 min and is hence adaptable to many occasions.

Meet the performers:

Ofelia Grey is a lithuanian 22 year old circus performer, which found her way to the circus wolrd through the fire-juggling group Studio Fire Circle, with which she performed since she was 13 years old all around Europe.

Noel Grey is a german\italian 22 year old natural talent. Growing up with two circus artists as parents, he got introduced into the circus-world in an early age. On the way of finding his style he took a special interest in music, juggling and comedy art.

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