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Out There

Belly of the Whale

by Ockham's Razor

FREE 14 Sep - 16 Sep,
Photo: Mark Dawson Photography
Photo: Mark Dawson Photography

Circus meets sculpture in this exciting new show from Ockham”s Razor, winners of the Total Theatre Award for Circus at Edinburgh 2016.

The performers, like surfers in a wild sea, ride a giant semi-circular see-saw made of wood and steel which creaks and groans as it transforms from a catapult, a gently rocking cradle, a tunnel, a slide – creating an ever changing land and soundscape.

The concept of the belly of the whale is found in mythology around the world – what happens when we confront our fears and come face to face with the power and momentum of things we seemingly can”t change?


Sat 12.55pm & 4.15pm

Sun 1.05pm & 4.25pm

35 mins


Commissioned by Without Walls, Stockton International Riverside Festival, Greenwich + Docklands International Festival, Out There International Festival of Circus & Street Arts, Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Salisbury International Arts Festival, Circulate and Stratford Circus Arts Centre.