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Grow Strong Workshop

by SeaChange Arts

£3 - £12 , Saturday, 2 - 4PM
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An exciting, invigorating and mindful way to improve your well-being, hosted by Charmaine Childs of Strong Lady Productions

This workshop offers participants tools for creating a habit of daily strength training – and invites them to couple the training of physical strength with cultivating mental strength too. Explore exciting research about the brain, body and nervous system alongside the wisdom of yoga and positive psychology to reveal the power of physical and mental habits.

Grow Strong encourages us to feel strong enough already. No matter how strong we get, there will always be further to go, yet many people get disillusioned or frustrated that they are not there yet – we never get there. When we abandon ideas of the body we ‘should’ have, then we can grow stronger in a way that is delightful and allows us to enjoy the journey.

This workshop is about replacing ‘exercise’ with focused training. By replacing sporadic herculean efforts (or vague bursts of sweating it out because you know that you should) with a consistent habit of mindful daily training, you can Grow Strong in a powerful way.

The workshop covers:

  • A toolkit of exercises for developing stability and strength based in yoga & bodyweight training
  • How to craft a series or flow of exercises and to create a home training practice that needs nothing but your body
  • The power of habit (and how habits are crafted in the brain)
  • The power of Play (and finding flow state)
  • The power of Balance (both physically and mentally)
  • The power of ease (how to tone the vagus nerve, cultivate mindfulness and release chronic stress/inflamation/reactivity)

Please bring along comfortable clothes and socks, possibly two pairs, of socks.

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