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Circus Tots [Block 1] Ages 2 - 4

by Out There Arts

£ 12.00 07 Jan - 11 Feb, Thursdays, 1.30 - 2.30PM
Photo: Verity Westcott

A fab, fun session for pre-schoolers and their parents or carers.

Using games, circus activity and laughter, Circus Tots lets you play in a shared activity, with your child. We provide a safe, relaxed, non-competitive environment, offering a great way to develop coordination, balance and social skills.

2-4 yrs

BLOCK 1: £12 for 6 wks

What techniques are taught in this class?  Circus Tots introduces your toddler to circus equipment and circus techniques through play and experimentation with movement.   Classes focus on getting your little ones moving confidently and begin to introduce skills such as balance, jumping, tumbling, throwing and catching.

What skills are developed/improved?  Mobility, strength, coordination, social skills, independence and confidence.

How is a class structured/what do we do in a class?  Sessions begin with a warm-up game to introduce everybody and get us all concentrating!

The fun continues throughout with activities and games based around our parachute with adults and children playing together.   Once everyone is warmed up and comfortable in the space we move onto our circus inspired activities!   Now we begin to introduce our circus skills, we start with developing our balance and confidence by moving and jumping off a platform creating different shapes with our bodies and learning to land on our feet!   After this we build up an obstacle course, where we climb, crawl, jump, balance and tip toe across a range of circus and specialist early years play equipment.

Once the Children are feeling confident, we will introduce them to our aerial cocoon where they can experience floating and spinning off the ground in order to introduce them to a new experience and sensation.

The games and obstacle course act as a fun way to get children and parents playing, with skills introduced ‘softly” on the back of these. Imagination and play are used to introduce techniques learnt later in our Circus School programme. Activities and skills are introduced according to age and ability.  

Why would I come to this class?  Circus Tots is designed to improve a number of skills the help with your child”s development: balance, coordination, confidence, focus, social and communication skills. It is also an excellent opportunity to participate in a shared activity with your child and learn new skills and ideas for creative and active play to take home with you.

What level is this class?  No experience necessary. 2-4 years.

What should I wear/bring to the class?  Comfy, loose clothing. Leggings/jogging bottom and a t-shirt are ideal. No footwear is required as barefoot is advised.  Long hair tied back.



  • 01493 745458
  • The Drill House York Road Great Yarmouth Norfolk NR30 2LZ

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