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Out There

It’s not Here, it’s over Here

by Galmae

FREE 14 Sep - 15 Sep,
Mardi 14 mars 2017. Marseille. Juhyung Lee - "C'est pas là, c'est par là". Maquette de Juhyung Lee à la Cité des Arts de la Rue. Panorama des Chantiers de la 6ème promotion de la FAiAR. Du 14 au 16 mars 2017.

How does the crowd move ? Alone, do we move differently than being together ? What makes us? What is an individual in a group?

At the starting point, there is a stone. There is a string. There is something that exceeds the sum of individuals. Can the emptiness we make create “us”? Inspired by his own sensations at a protest in Seoul 2015, Juhyung Lee, a South Korean artist, offers a sensitive experience of the collective.

Installation runs from 12noon – 8PM Sat & Sun

Sat & Sun 8pm 

45 mins


Out There Festival