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Welcome to Yarmonics

by Norfolk & Norwich Sonic Arts Collective

Pay What You Can 31 Aug - 31 Aug, 8.00pm - 11..00pm
Pypt Lim
Bill Thompson
Ed Perkins

Plink Plonk are very happy to present a unique evening of electronic and electroacoustic music to introduce YARMONICS; produced by Plink Plonk parents the Norfolk and Norwich Sonic Arts Collective and Yarmouth based originalprojects; YARMONICS is a Great Yarmouth based sound art festival which celebrates the sounds and people of Great Yarmouth.
‘Welcome to YARMONICS’ gives you a taster of what’s to come to the festival on the 21st and 22nd September. Featuring ambient drone based improvisations using Moog guitar, muscle sensors, found objects and the occasional vibrator from Ed Perkins & Bill Thompson duo plus unfolding, meditative hardware-based electronic improvisations from Pypt Lim.

Ed Perkins:

Ed is a composer and performer whose work is predominately collaborative, focussing on social aesthetics and how technology impacts the way we make music together.

His electronic instrument ‘The Stick” has been in development for over ten years, drawing influences from the tactility and physicality of acoustic instruments. The instrument uses body movement and muscle (EMG) sensors to contour a palette of sonic effects and synthesis techniques.

Ed has performed and across the UK and Europe at venues including the ICA, Ars Electronica, SARC and the Tate Modern. His work features as part of the British Music Collection and he is one of Sound and Music’s ‘New Voices”, working as resident composer with the RPS Award winning Apartment House.


Bill Thompson:
Bill Thompson is a sound artist and composer. His work is concerned with various aspects of perception and embodied presence. Using found objects, field recordings, repurposed electronics and digital media, his installations encourage active attention to each moment. He applies this same strategy within his compositions which often include sustained tones, densely layered textures and indeterminate or improvised structures.

Although trained as a guitarist, Thompson has worked primarily with live electronics for 20 years. In 2016, he returned to guitar (by Moog) combined with miscellaneous table top devices, found objects, flashing lights, and the occasional vibrator.

For more informations: www.billthompson.org

Pypt Lim:
Pypt Lim is the music project of Bob Percy. Bob performs live improvised electronic music. Bob has a live long fascination with electronic music and a background in working in physical theatre – developing systems of improvisation that create playful structures within in which to play. As well as presenting solo performances he seeks to collaborate with performers and machines of all kinds. The emphasis in Pypt Lim is focusing of what is achievable in the live (lived) space of electronic music improvisation. His work is inspired by early electronic music pioneers, kinetics, sensation, and silence.


Tickets are pay what you can – available from www.nnsac.com/welcome



  • 01493 745458
  • The Drill House York Road Great Yarmouth Norfolk NR30 2LZ

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