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Frolicked – The Alchemist


Pitch 7

life-sized puppet of an Alchemist

The Alchemist is a medieval man who desperately wants to make his name in his contemporary scientific community, and make a small fortune on the side. Unfortunately, due to yet another dangerous (and unsuccessful) attempt to make gold, his latest assistant has met a grisly end.

As the Alchemist continues with his experiments alone, he makes more mistakes with catastrophic consequences, further hampered by the antics of a pair of mischievous rats and an incredibly annoying bluebottle!

The Alchemist is a light-hearted, slightly-slapstick 20 minute puppet show for all ages. This gentle and magical performance has captivated audiences young and old across the UK.

Production Credits: The Alchemist was originally created by Beka Haigh and her brother, Chris Haigh and the first version of the show premiered at the Student International Puppet Festival at Central School of Speech and Drama in 2009.

The Alchemist had a long-awaited revival and was successfully selected to be funded by Gone in 20 Minutes. The updated version premiered at both Spitalfields, London and at Stockton International Riverside Festival.

Content Warning: Loud bands and smoke

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