Out There Arts National centre for outdoor arts and circus

Wet Weather Changes


TimeNew TimeArtistShowPitchNew Pitch
12noonMusical RuthMUSICAL RUTHWP
12noonICHITobogan GakkiT
12noonFrolickedThe Alchemist7
12noonPaka The UncredibleWhinny The HorseWT
12noonLosers ArcadeThe Losers Arcade11
12noonMartin ThompsonProf WM Bligh's Circus Photo Tent10
12noonSam GoodburnWire Attire12
12noonCirco Rum Ba BaSeal and The Diver (Replacing The Whale)Whale
12noonParty in the ParkDrinks, Food & DJs6
12noonOut There ArtsCircus Skills Workshop5
12noonInvertedThe Precious Thing19
12noonMark MarkThe Maniax15
12noonOpposable Thumb TheatreBig Boys Don't Cry16
12noonFestival LoungeBy Day...FL
12.25pm2pmDrillaz Circus SchoolWe Are Yarmouth8
12.35pmL'Arbe a VacheGoodbye Persil18
12.40pmHicks & RudkinTony & Ray Find Their Feet15
12.40pmCancelledZen Del SurOrbita13
12.50pmDarryl J CarringtonOut of the Box15
1pmJack in a Box EntertainmentPunjeet & Judygee Show3
1pmSur MesureBarriere9
1.05pmFraser HooperFunny Business12
1.10pmMax MaccarinelliStreet Fool17
1.25pmCircus KateonGrasshoppers20
1.40pmAmoukanamaAmoukanama Travels!1
1.40pmPoppy Plowman & Zara HudsonTurk-ish4
1.40pmJones & BarnardWhat Price Dignity?6
1.40pmFrolickedThe Alchemist7
1.45pmThe Miraculous Theatre CoDead15
1.50pmHicks & RudkinTony & Ray Find Their Feet12
1.55pmMusical RuthMusical RuthWD
2pmCat & Mouse TheatreBlockbuster FactoryWT
2pmCirco Rum Ba BaSeal and The DiverWhale
2pmSantiago MorenoOne Man Band12
2.15pmInvertedThe Precious Thing19
2.30pmCancelledJack in a Box EntertainmentPunjeet & Judygee3
2.30pmLosers Arcade Takeover11
2.35pmReduced performanceZen Del SurOrbita13
2.40pmMartin KasperOne Man Band15
2.40pmAmoukanamaAmoukanama Travels!16
2.45pmFrolickedThe Alchemist7
2.45pmHicks & RudkinTony & Ray Find Their Feet19
2.50pmMark MarkPirates of NorthantsWA
3pmPaka the UncredibleWhinny The HorseWD
3.10pmSam GoodburnWire Attire12
3.10pm3pmKarl StetsOne Man Band6
3.10pmSur MesureBarriere9
3.15pmDarryl J CarringtonOut of The Box15
3.20pmL'Arbe a VacheGoodbye Persil18
3.35pmMusical RuthMusical RuthWP
3.45pmAmoukanamaAmoukanama Travels!16
3.45pmHicks & RudkinTony & Ray Find Their Feet9
3.45pmFraser HooperFunny Business12
3.50pm5pmJones & BarnardWhat Price Dignity?6
4pmCirco Rum Ba BaSeal and The DiverWhale
4pmDrillaz Circus SchoolWe Are Yarmouth8
4.10pm5pmJack in Box EntertainmentPunjeet & Judygee3
4.10pm5pmPoppy Plowman & Zara HudsonTurk-ish4
4.10pmMax MaccarinelliStreet Fool17
4.10pmCircus KatoenGrasshoppers20
4.10pmMiraculous Theatre CoDead15
4.15pmCat & Mouse TheatreBlockbuster FactoryWT
4.25pmMark MarkPirates of NorthantsWP
4.35pmFrolickedThe Alchemist7
4.35pmZen Del SurOrbita13
4.50pmHicks & RudkinTony & Ray Find Their Feet17
5pmOpposable Thumb TheatreBig Boys Don't Cry16
5pm3.30pmCollectif MalunesWe Agree to Disagree1
6pmFestival LoungeBy Night...FL
6.15pm5.40pmHicks & RudkinTony & Ray Find Their Feet16
6.25pm6pmPaka the UncredibleWhinny the Horse
8pmOktopus OrkstarOktopus OrkstarsFL
9.05pmFestival LoungeContinues...FL

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