A Few Festival Highlights

14 Sep - 15 Sep

Thank You For Having Us

The Anglo-French alliance Generik Vapeur and Gorilla Circus return with a fantastic new 2019 creation. The street art titans team up once again to bring us the new world; the 8th continent, a...
14 Sep - 15 Sep


Woman and a man. Are they lovers? Spouse? Brothers and sisters? Foreigners? In a clash of two beings whose identity changes like the wind, they celebrate the absurdity of their physical and...
14 Sep - 15 Sep


A child from Poland and his grandfather, Rumanian, owner of a small shop of species in Warsaw, must to emigrate in the contest of the Second World Ward, and they became refugees. The grandfather, in...
14 Sep - 15 Sep


Your best life, memories, love and expressions shared to millions across the web but at what cost? An elegant and visceral performance featuring hair hanging aerial globe walking and bodily...

Ray Lee – Congregation

Let Ray Lee’s magic sonic spheres take you on a mystery tour across the town to a secret location, guiding you by sound alone. Your sphere will let you know if you are going in the right...
14 Sep - 15 Sep

Les Gloriables

A masterclass in mutiny inspired by Les Miserables. Legendary French actress Gloria Delaneuf is determined to create a theatre with the power to reunite Europe. She has dreamed a dream, and her...
14 Sep - 15 Sep

The Sculpture Clown

The Sculptor Clown, a Portuguese master of crowd interaction who builds silent movies before your eyes, complete with love, heroes, and villains.Witness The Sculptor Clown craft a complete story...

Only 124 days and 21 hours to go!

"I haven't had a day where I've smiled so much for a long time."

Festival Attender