Out There Arts National centre for outdoor arts and circus

“With extensive experience in the sector, our team is a hand picked, nurtured core of specialists working to deliver world-class outdoor arts events and projects.”

Now that the corporate wordage is out of the way, who are the real people behind all the smoke and mirrors?

Well, we’re just a bunch of passionate folk who want to develop Great Yarmouth into the cultural powerhouse it has every right to be. That, of course, is not possible without the incredible passion and resilience that the Great Yarmouth community has shown us time and time again.

Out There Arts is a (mostly) Norfolk grown, free-range, cruelty free team full of anoraks (geeks) and lovely, funny people with a space to freely deploy their talent to the best social use.

Let’s take a moment to meet them!

(Photos to come, we’re still stuck deciding what shirt to wear).

Meet the Team

Joe Mackintosh

Chief Executive

Joe is Chief Executive for Out There Arts and Artistic Director of the Out There International Festival of Circus & Street Arts.

Veronica Stephens

Executive Producer

Veronica is responsible for the overall project and programme delivery for Out There Arts.

Emily Phillips

Communications & Development Manager

Developing local relationships and communications

Marcin Rodwell

Content Strategist

Although he heads up all of our social media, media content and copy - he is struggling to find the words at the moment.

Jacob Hewes


Katy Kingston

Development and Participation Manager

Kay Rose


Connor Gooch

Generik Vapeur performing at the Out There Festival

What about the Board?

Meet the Board

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