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Out There Arts is an independent arts development charity committed to minimising our environmental impact. We recognise we are facing a global climate emergency; we are putting measures in place, which we will monitor on a regular basis, to help us make sustainable environmental improvements across all aspects of our organisation and the events we deliver.

Initiatives we are part of:

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The Drill House

Although we face the challenge of the Drill House being a listed building we are implementing various strategies to reduce our environmental impact:

  • Encouraging recycling with clearly labelled bins
  • Reusable cups and cutlery instead of single use
  • Use local food and drink suppliers e.g. alcohol is supplied by Lacons, a local brewery based in Great Yarmouth
  • Turn off lights and heating to reduce energy consumption
  • Record and report energy use data with Julie’s Bicycle Creative Green Tools
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The Ice House

We are making environmental considerations at every stage of the transformation of the Ice House, such as:

  • Using materials from sustainable sources as well as organisations with green certification and policies
  • Prioritising local supply networks
  • Improving the waste management system to build towards a circular economy model to reduce waste to landfill. Carry forward key principles to: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Repair and Recycle
  • Measuring our emissions, reporting and evaluation annually using the Creative Green Tools, developed by Julie’s Bicycle as well as completing the annual Industry Green Survey
  • Our team will undertake a programme of training and development to become a Carbon Literate and Climate Positive Workforce
  • New LED lighting system to replace out-of-date high energy consuming lighting fixtures
  • Solar Powered Trailer Stage including batteries
  • Use a recognised environmental assessment method to assess environmental performance eg. BREEAM
Families take part in arts activities at The Ice House, Great Yarmouth

Out There Festival

Here’s just a few things we’ve done and are working toward:

  • We’ve joined Vision: 2025 with the mission to reduce our Festival greenhouse emissions by 50% by 2025.
  • All of our pitches are powered by a renewable mains source.
  • We have formulated Sustainable Trading Standards for all stallholders.
  • We are using ecolibrium’s Travel Carbon Calculator for all domestic and international artists.
  • We transformed the Mermadelica Cafe into a Climate Cafe
  • We use a local provider, Blackwell Print, who offset our printing by planting trees.
  • We have water refill points to reduce single use plastic

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Sustainable Trading Standards

We are working with vendors to achieve our Sustainable Trading Standards. Additionally, we are introducing an eco-bond which takes the form of a £50 refundable deposit for vendors who meet our essential trading standards.

Out There Festival

Here’s how you can help:

  • Enjoy a drink at the Festival Bar – with our renewable cups
  • Use our water Refill Stations to help reduce plastic waste
  • Where possible walk or use public transport to attend the festival. You can also consider joining our Travel Sharing Facebook Group @outtherearts1
  • Use recycling facilities at the festival.
  • Become a Green Volunteer and help us keep the festival litter free.

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Read Our Environmental Policy

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