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Paka the Uncredible


sad man in funny suit riding a mechanical horse with glowing eyes and fire breath

Out & About with a Whinny & a Canter

“Paka” is a unique interdisciplinary artist who creates spectacular and engrossing performance from a mix of large-scale mechanical sculpture, digital media, special effects, dramatic characters, circus skills, puppetry, and audience involvement. 

'Rusty the Horse' is visually extraordinary; a remote control kinetic entity that acts as a people magnet. With his own distinct character, philosophy and ego, he leaves the audience feeling they have met an odd but real horse. Rusty has slipped his tether and is off solo to investigate. Love and Play are on his mind… Someone needs to explain to him that he is a Horse.


‘The full sized horse has to be seen to be believed: it is an extraordinary junk-metal creation with moving parts and it exudes the thrilling and terrifying power of real flesh and blood’. Guardian review Jan 2004

‘But the most astonishing thing about the show has to be the Robotic Horse. A masterpiece of pneumatics and sculptural engineering, this remote controlled creature all but steals the show. Never did the audience view it as anything but real as it cantered around the stage……and even breathed fire’. Lyn Gardner What’s On Magazine Jan 2004

Content Warning: Fire 

Festival Information


Saturday 12:00pm (Pitch: WT)

Saturday 1:40pm (Pitch: WP)

Saturday 3:30pm (Pitch: WD)

Sunday 12:00pm (Pitch: WT)

Sunday 3:00pm (Pitch: WD)

Saturday 6:25pm (Pitch: WP)



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