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What is British Sign Language?

BSL is a visual means of communicating using gestures, facial expressions and body language. It is the first or preferred language among the deaf community in the UK.

At the Out There Festival selected performances of shows with heavy dialogue will be British Sign Language Interpreted. The place the interpreter will stand during the performance will be marked as ‘BSL Zone’.

A sign language interpreter gestures.

Thursday 30th May

4.30pmFestival Launch45 minsFL
7pm (Doors 6.30pm)Marisa Carnesky ProducrtionsShowwomen60 mins + 30 mins Q&A14

Friday 31st May

12pm (Relaxed Performance)Grace BillingsA Day at the Beach40 mins13
2pmThe Insect CircusThe Final Grand Finale1hr 20 mins1
2pm Grace BillingsA Day at the Beach40 mins13
3pm The Losers Arcade45 mins12
4pmHocus Pocus TheatreUnsolicited Advice Bureau30 mins12
4.10pmcocolocoMafia Wedding45 minsWT
6.15pmJones and BarnardGolden Tours45 minsWS
7pm (Doors 6.30pm)Marisa Carnseky ProductionsShowwomen60 mins14

Saturday 1st June

1pm (Relaxed Performance)Dizzy O'DareKevin Tickles Dogs40 mins11
2pmHocus Pocus TheatreUnsolicited Advice Bureau30 mins12
1.30pmThe Losers Arcade 60 mins12
3.25pmDulce DucaUnstoppable30 mins15
4.15pmDizzy O'DareKevin Tickles Dogs40 mins11
5.40pmThe Insect CircusThe Final Grand Finale60 mins1
5.45pmRimski & HandkerchiefAn Afternoon Out50 mins9
7.30pmBroken Spoke CollectiveBroken Spoke60 mins4

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