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Join our mission to celebrate and preserve the rich heritage of Great Yarmouth through hands-on contributions and community engagement. Your involvement not only helps promote local history but also equips you with valuable skills.

Starting November 2023.

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Why Volunteer?

    • Connect with your local community and meet people who share your interests.

    • Engage deeply with Great Yarmouth’s cultural legacy.

    • Develop practical skills in historical preservation

    • Collaborate with experts in oral history and archival research.

    • Connect with your local community and meet people who share your interests.
Person addressing an audience at The Drill House with The Ice House banner in the background


Volunteers will have the opportunity to attend 15 training days over the course of two years on the heritage of the Ice House learning techniques and methods of presenting history in  engaging and interesting ways. You will have access to a body of material including maps, images, articles, documents and other raw materials found throughout the development phase and from the start of the delivery phase.

In addition, you will be encouraged to find your own resources as well as heritage resources from Historic England. Volunteers will receive an introduction to research methods and learn key facts about the building’s past, growing in confidence and knowledge.

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Oral History Training

Master interviewing techniques and digital recording skills to capture personal connections with the Ice House.

Photo of The Ice House thatched roof

Heritage Research Activities

Uncover the Ice House's secrets using diverse research tools with Great Yarmouth Library.

Mother and child getting involved painting and contributing to a creative workshop

Archive Management Training

Learn to organize, transcribe, and curate historical information for public access and future initiatives.

Heritage Volunteer Brief

Read the full heritage volunteer brief here

Want to get involved?

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If you have any questions please email taraneh@outtherearts.org.uk or call 01493 745458. 

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