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Drillaz Circus School | Seniors 12 – 18yrs


12 - 18YRS

TIME: 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm


The Drill House

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Two girls hang off a bar attached to ropes at the Drill House

Whether you wish to try something new or aspire to be a professional performer, these are structured classes for more progressed students with the intention of providing skills progression in a range of circus disciplines. You will work on solo and group performance activities. Try your hand at juggling, take to the air on the trapeze and even get the chance to perform at Out There Arts events throughout the year.

Summer Block: 28th August - 15th September *
Block 1: 26th Sept - 19th Oct
Block 2: 31st Oct - 23rd Nov
Block 3: 28th Nov - 21st Dec
Book multiple blocks or places for a 12.5% discount

Our flagship circus class. From ages 8-17, the Drillaz Circus School offers youngsters the opportunity to learn a variety of skills.

Balance, co-ordination, juggling, trapeze stunts and more! Starting from the basics to more professional classes, these classes are perfect for children of all skill levels, whether they simply wish to have fun or turn this into a career. Circus encourages young people to be active, social and committed while keeping strong sense of fun and enjoyment.

Drillaz Schools attendees are now able to attend multiple days in the week relevant to their age group with a discount. To receive the discount, simply add multiple bookings to your cart. This is the same process for the sibling discount

* This includes two weekly sessions on the 29th August and the 5th September plus four sessions of rehearsals for the Out There Festival show.

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