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What is Young Out There?

Young Out There is our youth-led creative programme bringing together inspirational experiences and creative activity produced for, with and by local young people from schools, colleges and other youth groups from the Borough of Great Yarmouth.

Devised by the Young Out There Collective, the programme fosters collaboration with creative professionals, including local, national and international artists, and provides a platform for young talent express their creativity as part of The Out There International Festival of Outdoor Arts and Circus.


A large crowd at the Out There Festival with joyful expressions on their face and covering their ears

About Out There Festival

Free three day festival taking place on the 30th May – 1st June 2024

In its 16th year, Out There Festival is the UK’s largest outdoor arts and circus festival presenting work to audiences of over 65,000 by 30 UK and international companies. Out There has built a national and international reputation for world class artistic quality, new and diverse work, regional talent, international collaboration and innovative community engagement. Expect circus, theatre, music, spectacle, comedy, dance, acrobatics, participatory activity and visual arts installations, presented across a variety of locations in Great Yarmouth.

For Out There Festival 2024 we will be hosting a series of creative interventions, workshops, activities and performances through the Young Out There Programme. We’re looking for ideas that raises your voice and talents above anything else whether that be through theatre, dance, music, visual arts, film, outdoor arts, circus and more!

Out There Festival
3 musicians encouraging the crowd to dance at Out There Festival

Young Out There Programme

inbound1984971907581185286 – Ronan Williams Music alt


Ronan is a 17 year old Pop Singer Songwriter. He's an active performer with loads of Gigging experience, performed at venues such as pubs, clubs and festivals.

408846833_870555431736607_1115731574536105922_n – Gabriella Harvey-Mobbs alt

Broadway Bellas

Broadway Bella's is an inclusive and non judgemental performing arts school with our main branch in Great Yarmouth. They will dance and sing everyone's favourite musical theatre songs.

b98d46c2-6b72-46be-8fe8-beed2ea4d4aa – Kuiper Band alt


Kuiper: Igniting the Rock Revolution Prepare for a sonic journey through the cosmos with Kuiper; a rising force in the world of rock music, crafted by a group of young musicians .

nabjab alt

Nabjab Dance

Nabjab is a well established and reputable local dance school. They trains students from 2yrs to adults in ballet, contemporary, tap, hiphop/ commercial, jazz, drama & singing.

DSC_0557 – raven alt


Amourette is a loud and energetic alt-rock/punk band with influences from Radiohead, Paramore, Uzumaki and more. They aim to get the audience hyped up with their music and never put on a dull performance.

Amelia Bloomfield

Amelia is a talented young singer with a love for musical theatre and all things arts.

Screenshot 2024-05-23 172913 alt

Bailey Holmes

Bailey is a 17 year old rapper currently based in Great Yarmouth. He's been making music for 4 years and loves performing.

Elisse White

Elisse is an aerial silks student. She is new to performing but excited to be at the festival.

308484353_2355989787873852_8679703731505174696_n – Terran Burrell alt

Terran Burrell

Terran plays a unique instrument called a Shruti boxw hilst blending in vocals and harmonies to create beautifully enchanting melodies. Because of the nature of the drone of the instrument, the music leans towards neo-folk and folk genres, with a few video game soundtracks blended in.

Screenshot 2024-05-23 173708 alt


Parrallaz are a new band formed at school. They are inspired by Artic Monkeys, Oasis, Blur, killers and have started performing at Play Produce Promote Open Mics.

IMG_4880 – Charlie Johnson alt


Char has been doing circus for 9 years ever since she picked up a hula hoop. She will be performing a solo Hula Hoop routine.

Chloe Childs

Chloe is a 12 year old juggler from our very own Drillaz Circus School.

Kelsey and Cerys

These two Drillaz Circus School students have put together a duo aerial silk routine. Prepare to be impressed.

Stevie Beaux

Stevie is a very talented aerialist who will be performing aerial hoop at the festival.

Kelsey Jones Warman

Kelsey will amaze you with her aerial hoop routine.

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