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Amoukanama Travels!

Let us dream together and fly across boundaries with somersaults, flips, human pyramids and dance. The Amoukanama dance group takes the audience on a thrilling journey that connects Europe with Africa.

The dynamic whirlwind performance of relentless energy is accompanied by musicians on the djembe and the doundoun. These rhythms are so contagious that you might be convinced to start participating!

You might even recognise them from the Semi-Finals of America’s Got Talent!

Spotlight on Flanders is a project of Circuscentrum, funded by VLAIO (Brexit Adjustment Reserve) with the aim to invest in long-term cooperation between Flanders and the UK in the circus field. The projects puts Flemish circus creations in the spotlight and brings together Flemish and UK circus professionals to facilitate exchange

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Saturday 9:00pm (Pitch: 1)

Sunday 1:40pm (Pitch: 12)

Sunday 2:40pm (Pitch: 16)

Sunday 3:45pm (Pitch: 16)

All ages

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