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Two Men with Hats and Megaphones. Performers. blockbuster Factory

The great American Movie Director Martin Beilsperg, the great English actor Charles Bexley and Phil the AD are casting you to create the next heavyweight blockbuster for the silver screen.

Join in as action heroes. sporting heroes, space battles, superheroes, dragons, detectives, submarines, train crashes and bananas - as in all film equipment, props and special fx are created with BANANAS. 

A movie-making spoof that is both interactive and immersive. They never make the same film twice!



"We absolutely loved having Blockbuster Factory as part of our festival line-up. It sparked imagination, play and joy and was voted by our audiences as one of the programme's highlights. Through just simple devices Cat & Mouse Theatre manages to create an entire, transportive World that had our audiences rapt.” Ellie Nichols, Just So Festival Programme Manager

‘Thank you so much for being part of our Green Street Celebration event last weekend. You were a fantastic part of the programme – it was a real pleasure to have you as part of the line-up. What an absolute highlight of silliness Blockbuster Factory is – we loved the way you engaged with so many members of the public, creating scenes, encouraging people to take part and get involved with things they never would usually..’ Will Alder, Apple Cart Arts

'LIGHTS, CAMERA, BANANAS!! Oh, my word!!, What a joy Blockbuster Factory is. I booked them for Gone Wild Festival 2021, and they gave us two incredible, funny, spectacularly inclusive performances. Martin, Charles and Phil are a joy to watch, they encourage the families to get involved, and every participant feels like they are the most important person on set. I couldn’t recommend them enough. I will definitely be booking them again. 5 Stars."

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Saturday 2:00pm

Saturday 4:15pm (Pitch: BSL Interpretation)

Sunday 2:00pm (Pitch: BSL Interpretation)

Sunday 4:15pm



All Ages

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