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Circo Rum Ba Ba – The Whale

TheWhale_Porthcawl2018_17 – Catherine Elliott alt

The Whale

Calling all bold explorers! Squeeze into the belly of an enormous inflatable Sperm Whale where you’ll find yourself in the depths of the bubbling, kelp-swirling ocean. They encounter an acrobatic diver who leads them swimmingly through the age-old journey of the life of an ancient Leatherback Turtle.

Exquisite puppets, comedy and music abound - explore the tale of sea creatures and their battle to survive in an ocean full of rubbish. The audience is left feeling empowered that everyone can make a difference. 

Festival Information


Sunday 12:00pm (Pitch: BSL Interpretation)

Sunday 12:30pm

Sunday 2:00pm

Sunday 4:00pm

Sunday 4:30pm


Whale (on the beach next to Marina Centre)

All Ages

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Performance Update

Due to circumstances outside of our control, we have had to cancel today's (Sunday 17th) performance of Circo Rum Ba Ba's The Whale (all performances).

Please do go and see Circo Rum Ba Ba's - Seal and The Diver in its place

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