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Circus Katoen – Grasshoppers


Performance of Grasshoppers. Two performers holding a plank of wood with turf grass laid on top. They contorted around each other

Grasshoppers is a reproduction of the resilience and vulnerability of nature and the role that we as humans play in it. The 'living' green in this world has to endure a lot.

With a turf in the lead, Circus Katoen is looking for a playful way to visualize this process. Grass is a living material and recognizable to everyone. On the one hand very vulnerable and on the other hand it can really take a few knocks. In Grasshoppers, Circus Katoen removes a piece of green from its natural habitat and brings it above ground level using trestles, planks, rope and their bodies.

The audience follows the artists transforming the grass into an object that is literally mobilized, manipulated and controlled. A portion of nature ends up in unnatural situations, a specialty of mankind….

Artistic direction & performers Willem Balduyck and Sophie van der Vuurst de Vries Coaching Kitt Johnson and Hanne Vandersteene Artistic advice Benjamin Kuitenbrouwer Costumes Lorelinde Hoet Co-production Perplx festival, MiramirO, Theater op de Markt Dommelhof Residencies Vlaams Centrum voor Circuskunsten vzw (BE), Theater op de Markt-Dommelhof (BE), Atelier Blanchefosse (FR), Latitude 50 (BE), Subtopia (SE), PERPLX (BE), L’essieu du Batut (FR), MiramirO (BE) Subvention Vlaamse Overheid

Spotlight on Flanders is a project of Circuscentrum, funded by VLAIO (Brexit Adjustment Reserve) with the aim to invest in long-term cooperation between Flanders and the UK in the circus field. The projects puts Flemish circus creations in the spotlight and brings together Flemish and UK circus professionals to facilitate exchange

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