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Compagnie Têtes de Mules – Parasite Circus



Copy of le sourire – têtesdemules Association alt

All you have secretly wished to see in a circus and never hade the chance to!
The best of the worst will finally happen here tonight!
Quench your thirst of haemoglobin and be ready for some great Bloody sensations. Come close to the stars! En piste mes artistes, death is awaiting!

Roaring laughter in the face of death. Fairground theatre comes back to life and poetry invades the streets, with two Shakespearian buffoons, the magic of traditional circus, burlesque music and hideous puppets, which make the impossible possible! A great combination of comedy and Greek tragedy.
Like the archaic pageant wagon of Tespi, the Parasite caravan arrives, unfolds into the urban setting, wrecks havoc with your conscience, turns laughs sour in the mouth of the well bread, then rolls away.

This show is a collective act of liberation! A desecration of common sense and the idea of political correctness. A freedom cry against the daily burdens of life.

With this show, the Compagnie Têtes de Mules brings on stage all the circus magic of old times, covered by a thick coat of black humour.

Content Warnings: Nudity, Adult References, Smoking, Loud Bangs, Fake Puppet Blood

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Friday 5:05pm

Friday 9:10pm

Saturday 4:45pm

Saturday 8:10pm


50 mins





St George's Park

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Jeremy Shine, Artistic director of the Mint Fest festival, Kendal (UK)
"I see about 200 new shows every year and this was probably the best one of 2014 – original, funny and surprisingly moving with great performances and lots and lots of blood – who could ask for more!"

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