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Darryl J Carrington – Out of the Box


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Out of the Box is a show of ever-raising stakes. Impossible, implausible situations and a constant battle with physics are resolved in a finale that’ll have the audience feeling like they just witnessed the underdog substitute score the winning goal. 

A unique blend of world-class juggling, high-skill manipulation and original, TikTok trick shots delivered through gentle, non-verbal clowning. Audience members become the stars of the show and celebrate both failures and successes. 

Drawing from personal experiences of neuro-diversity Darryl Carrington gently guides audience through a celebration of our differences, similarities and how - through playfulness - we can find a common space between the two and break down the boundaries that divide us.


“Thanks for being a superstar! A pleasure to host you at Hat Fair” Andrew Loretto, The Hat Fair

“He drew in the crowd by showing his vulnerability and then made the participants he bought on stage feel comfortable - all without speaking. What a brilliant reaction from the audience and a joy to have around.” Kate Lanciault Senior Producer Cirque Bijou 

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Saturday 12:50pm

Saturday 3:15pm

Sunday 12:50pm

Sunday 3:15pm



All Ages


Drill House & Marina Centre

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