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Drillaz Circus School – We Are Yarmouth


Pitch 8

Junior circus performer doing a backflip in an outdoor performance

The ever talented, the ever creative, the ever energetic Drillaz Circus School students own this town. The local young people have planted a flag and are claiming Great Yarmouth as the galactic capital of circus!

WE ARE YARMOUTH is a statement of ownership of the city by its local community, the students. Yarmouth has a low reputation... but “We are creative, We are talented, energetic and We have a voice!”.


"Best circus school in Great Yarmouth " - Anonymous

Best Galactic circus show - Shiiuu Shiiuu HARDwards (22nd planet from the sun)

Production Credits: OUT THERE ARTS National Center for street arts and circus. Arts Council.

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Saturday 12:25pm

Saturday 4:00pm

Sunday 12:25pm

Sunday 4:00pm



All Ages

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