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Hicks & Rudkin – Tony & Ray Find Their Feet


two sharply dressed gentlemen, in waistcoats, neck ties, and bowler hats.

Two mature workmen steal a moment to indulge their passion for movement. Unexpected, uplifting and undeniably funny; Tony and Ray provide interludes of eccentric-dance, clown-slapstick. As they collaborate and seek to outdo each other, their mobile tool cart emanates music and reveals a number of surprises. Inspired by the Vaudeville and Variety acts of the past and performed by seasoned street theatre veterans, Jon Hicks and Matt Rudkin, two late-middle-aged men who are surprisingly quick on their feet.

Festival Information


Saturday 12:40pm (Pitch: 15)

Saturday 1:50pm (Pitch: 12)

Saturday 2:45pm (Pitch: 19)

Saturday 3:45pm (Pitch: 9)

Saturday 4:25pm (Pitch: 6)

Saturday 4:50pm (Pitch: 17)

Sunday 12:40pm (Pitch: 15)

Sunday 1:50pm (Pitch: 12)

Sunday 2:45pm (Pitch: 19)

Sunday 3:45pm (Pitch: 9)

Sunday 4:25pm (Pitch: 6)

Sunday 4:50pm (Pitch: 17)

All Ages

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