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Kumpania Algazarra


An 8 piece band posing with their instruments.

Mixing ska with folk, reggae with Balkan sounds, Latin rhythms with funk, Kumpania Algazarra are calling you to join their party. It’s up to you whether you follow the band and the irresistible impulse of their music. Let’s go!

Festival Information


Thursday 9:00pm (Pitch: FL)

Friday 2:45pm (Pitch: WS)

Friday 4:05pm (Pitch: WD)

Friday 5:25pm (Pitch: WS)

Friday 6:50pm (Pitch: WD)

Saturday 2:45pm (Pitch: WS)

Saturday 5:25pm (Pitch: WS)

Saturday 9:30pm (Pitch: 5)


Thu: 90 mins, Fri: 30 mins, Sat (WS): 20 mins, Sat (Pitch 5): 90 mins

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