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The Losers Arcade


Whacky people in funky tabards in front of a small top tent. lots of colour

Losers Arcade- a games emporium with nothing to prove. Come along, leave your ego behind and join the Losers as we focus on putting the Fun back into Failure. Participate in madcap games, and challenges at the only arcade where taking part and becoming one of the gang is far more valued than actually doing well.

Build up a sweat on Run Loser Run, chance your arm at Nail Varnish Roulette, attempt the Missing Jigsaw Piece Challenge or fall over on the terrifying Obstacle Course. Find out what World Domination Brexit Darts really is... You're amongst friends here as long as you're not obsessed with coming first or being better than anyone else. 

Remember: Winners Are Always Alone. 

Content Warning: Loud bangs, flashing lights, smoke

Festival Information


Friday 2:00pm

Friday 5:00pm

Saturday 2:00pm

Saturday 5:00pm


2 hrs




Trafalgar Square

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Press: "I lost my mind in this place" - Nico, Artist Liaison, Fusion Festival "Losers Arcade...a castle of dreams" - Suse, Director, At-tension Festival

Production Credits: Losers Inc

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