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Max Maccarinelli – Street Fool


Max Maccarinelli performing their show about a ridiculous antihero homeless person

In front of the audience, an empty space opens up.

Suddenly, as if he had appeared out of nowhere, Arthur shows up: a surreal and bewildered vagabond.  It becomes immediately clear that Arthur is a homeless person because his world seems to be entirely composed of two improvised carts and a bed loaded on his shoulders. 

However, Arthur does not only carry his home with him but also a veritable  street food stall, as if by magic, takes shape in front of our eyes.  For Arthur, cooking represents not only a way to earn a living but also a way to fight against loneliness, both his own and that of others.  His impossible recipes, the objects that come to life, the smoking pans, and the improbable tricks take us on an extraordinary journey where reality bends and distorts before our eyes. All of this for our pure pleasure!

Cast: Max Maccarinelli By: Max Maccarinelli Directed by: Max Maccarinelli and Giacomo Gamba Set design: Mario Bresciani, Giacomo Gamba, Max Maccarinelli Costumes: Emilie Piat Technician: Guillaume Clavel Artistic collaboration: Johan Lescop, Mario Gumina, Fabrice Groleat Creation residencies: Theatre de l'Iris-Villeurbanne (F), Espace Tonkin-Villeurbanne (F), Friche Lamartine (F), and Piccolo Teatro Libero (I)

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Sunday 4:10pm

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