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Musical Ruth


a whacky nun wearing glasses playing a white piano, with a 3-sticked candle holder on top with 3 lit candles

Musical Ruth is an amazing mobile piano driven around by Sister Ruth, a madcap nun who can stop and entertain any group of people using comedy patter, hilarious dance moves, facial contortions, sound effects and unusual renditions of all your favourite songs. 

Musical Ruth is a mix and mingle comedy act performed on an extravagantly decorated baby grand piano built on to an electrically powered vehicle. Suitable for all indoor and outdoor events...access permitting. Visually stunning and once witnessed Musical Ruth is never forgotten!

Festival Information


Saturday 12:50pm (Pitch: WP)

Saturday 2:50pm (Pitch: WA)

Saturday 3:45pm (Pitch: WT)

Sunday 12:50pm (Pitch: WP)

Sunday 1:55pm (Pitch: WA)

Sunday 3:35pm (Pitch: WT)



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