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Paka the Uncredible – Bag of Snakes


Robotic snakes, disco balls, bright lights and brass instruments

The bag of Snakes is IT IS:
An Interactive, pyro-kinetic, addictive & dangerous game experience for all shoe sizes...
Are you a snake charmer?

Put a token in the slot>>> and the Game begins>>>
Hit the correct colour pad in the allocated time and raise the hissing robotic snakes.
Each correct hit lets out a burst of fire>>>
Are you fast enough to make the snakes dance?
Can you ignite the flaming mirror balls?
How many bonus bursts will you accumulate?
Will you get a high score and win a snaky prize?

Paka the Uncredible; creator of horses and dragons brings you the Medusa Misfits a bunch of snakes who love to dance to those 70’s classics.
You control the fire!

Made form recycled materials and found objects this is a unique interactive robotic experience.

Content Warning: Flashing Lights, Smoke, Fire

Festival Information


Friday 4:00pm

Friday 8:00pm

Saturday 4:00pm

Saturday 8:00pm


3 hrs




Trafalgar Square

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