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An atmospheric image of a park bar with lights and people enjoying a drink at the Out There Festival

Great Yarmouth’s best outdoor party returns with eclectic DJ’s spinning sonic cocktails, multi-sensory experiences, a fine selection of street food, a special festival ale brewed by Lacons brewery and legendary tipples from Gonzo’s Tearoom. 

We certainly are getting in the spirit of the party, as we get a little more ‘Out There’ this year at the St George’s Park bar.

Girl in her 20

Kitty Perrin

Indie-pop with folk-style storytelling and big choruses.

four indie lookingmen standing on a cobbold street in Norwich (Fishergate). low-angle shot.

The High Points

Four piece funk,
pop and soul band.

Photo of the band Brown Horse

Brown Horse

Double Denim and Hot Licks

sepia photo of a man with hair and glasses playing a 12" vinyl record

DJ JazzLord

Playing an eclectic mix of grooves including 50's - 70's rhythm n blues, soul, funk, ska, world and jazz

moodily lit man staring at camera. muted teal backdrop

DJ Tam “Precision Cuts” Cooper

Bringing the best in Funk ,Disco and Soul selections to get the party poppin’!

Gothic woman on a DJ vinyl player/decks. wide-angle shot. flash lighting.

Miss SkaVooVie!

A groovy twist of Blue Beat Ska, Reggae, Cumbia, Latin Boogaloo, RnB, Rock n Roll and Northern Soul.

Man in a bowler hat holding up DJ headphones to one ear. looking at camera. flash lighting

DJ Bmore McVowty

Good music, no Dowty – get on board B’More McVowty’s World Music Express.

El Diablo alt

DJ El Diablo Rojo

50s & 60s dance floor fillers: Hoodoo Blues, Voodoo Bop and a dash of Trash Exotica!

DJ Vincent1000 alt

DJ Vincent 1000

Hectic, eclectic, Britain’s most easterly vinyl obsessive that was “Propa Gangsta”

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Friday 5:00pm

Saturday 12:00pm

Sunday 12:00pm


St. George's Park

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