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15Feet6 – Primus


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We are introduced to two primuses on the high school of life, totally blasé and too cool for school. Cold war turns into target practice as the protagonists are hell on wheels. The icing on the cake of this explosive piece is not for people with a weak digestion.

Rosa Tyyskä (FI)
After a circus education specializing in Cyr wheel in Sasak (Finland), Rosa sets off on a never-ending tour. From cabarets in Germany over summer festivals with the Finnish female collective Sisus to Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Luzia’. As the never-ending tour comes abruptly to end in 2020 a virtue of necessity was made with the lockdown creation of 'Primus' together with Jasper.

Jasper D'Hondt (B)
After graduating as a circus artist at ESAC (Brussels) in 2009 Jasper specializes consecutively in teeterboard, Russian bar, acrobatic bicycle and acrobatic roller skating. His professional activities are situated somewhere between performing, directing and producing circus. After more then a decade the list of projects is becoming too long to mention, in ‘Primus’ he is returning to the stage as performer.

Content Warnings: Loud Bangs

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Friday 3:25pm

Friday 7:25pm

Saturday 3:00pm

Saturday 6:40pm


55 minutes (includes 15 minute pre-show)





St George's Park

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Artists: Rosa Tyyskä (FI) and Jasper D’Hondt (BE)
Director: Jasper D’Hondt (BE)
Production: Le Patineur
Residencies: Circusplaneet, Circuscentrum, De Oogappel

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