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Rimski & Handkerchief – An Afternoon Out


A man doing a head stand on top of a piano with a woman sat in front of it.

Musical clown duo, Rimski & Handkerchief, return with two distinct offerings, both of which feature the much loved Bicycle Piano & Double Bassicle.

Promenade show: Accompany Rimski & Handkerchief as they pedal, plonk and play their way through some of Out There’s key locations, singing songs of timeless wonder, en route to a favourite picnic spot…

Static show: A hilarious and theatrical ride, as they attempt to enjoy An Afternoon Out, at their favourite picnic spot, to ‘get away from it all’. However, the haphazard ins and unexpected outs of their various money making schemes begin to infiltrate…

Featuring Rimski's world famous Bicycle Piano.

Content Warning: Smoke

Touch Tour: Saturday 1st June 12pm-12:30pm

Festival Information


Friday 2:50pm (Pitch: 9 - Promenade)

Friday 5:40pm (Pitch: 9 - Static)

Saturday 2:50pm (Pitch: 9 - Promenade)

Saturday 5:45pm (Pitch: 9 - Static)


Promenade: 45 mins, Static: 50 mins


Trafalgar Road

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