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Teatro Bislacco – Totem Tango


Two people with colourful bricks surrounding their heads

What if everything around you were a balancing act?

A man, a woman and their whole world suspended upon coloured bricks ... with jumps, pirouettes, throws and suspenseful moments that create a balance even during instability.

A conversation and a tango that makes everything better!

Festival Information


Friday 2:55pm

Friday 5:35pm

Saturday 2:55pm

Saturday 5:35pm


35 mins




Marina Centre

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Winner of Premio Takimiri

Idea: Pallotto Matteo
Artists: Contadini Irene e Pallotto Matteo
Creation advisor: Andrè Casaca
Staging advisor: Bertolotti Giorgio (company Magda Clan)
Residencies: Spiazzo, circo fuori dal vaso - Teatro C’art - Csoa Sisma
Coproduction: I benandanti

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