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The Insect Circus – The Final Grand Finale


A giant insect parade of hosts and insect customes

Celebrating 20 years of The Insect Circus!

From the four corners of the world many of its star trainers will be in attendance - presenting the finest performing insects in the known world.

Alongside nature’s rarest butterfly, we proudly present fearsome wasps, flighty flies, agile ants, busy beetles, amazing mantids, a delicate mayfly, a bumbling bee and not forgetting a worm and some seldom humble dust mites. Although now getting on in years, Dungo has promised to come out of retirement and without doubt Sybil the snail will dance again!

Join in and process with the insects before they are ceremoniously loaded onto a lorry on which they will be taken into retirement in a nice house on the banks of the river Yare.

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Friday 2:00pm

Friday 6:00pm

Saturday 2:00pm

Saturday 5:40pm


Friday: 80 mins, Saturday: 60 mins




St George's Park

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