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The Miraculous Theatre Company – DEAD


old man in a coffin sitting up and appears to be shouting

Been thinking about your mortality recently? Started planning your funeral? Disappointed with the 18th century proposals for your final farewell?

Happy Endings Funeral Services are here to make your last days your best days! Satirical, poetic and daft, get involved and make this journey your last.

When a hearse breaks down, two undertakers are prepared to go to hell and back to ensure their client isn’t late for his own funeral. Whether it’s hitch-hiking, using public transport or simply carrying the deceased through the streets and parks to their final resting place, these two deadpan pallbearers will stop at nothing to fulfil their duty.

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Saturday 1:45pm

Saturday 4:10pm

Sunday 1:45pm

Sunday 4:10pm


starts at 18 and finishes at 15

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