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Vanhulle Dance Theatre – Olive Branch


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A poetic tale of rediscovering the wonder and beauty that nature provides. Following the new and unusual friendship between two strangers, they quickly learn to overcome differences, despite miscommunications, by developing trust and acceptance, an alliance is formed to defend mother nature.

Olive Branch is a dynamic, feel-good, funny, and family friendly dance duet that intertwines contemporary dance with martial arts, choreographed and performed by Vanhulle Dance Theatre.

Duration: 30 minutes

There will be a 10 minute Q+A after each show with the artists. During this time the audience is welcome to free play amongst their set.

Festival Information


Friday 2:00pm

Friday 5:00pm

Saturday 2:00pm

Saturday 5:00pm


30 mins (+ 10 min post-show Q&A)




Trafalgar Green

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Funded and supported by Arts Council, Out There Arts, Dance East and Swindon Dance.

Choreography: Laura Vanhulle and Oliver Robert Russell Music composition: Domenico Angarano Dramaturg: Sue Buckmaster Outdoor Images: Marso Mickael Riviere Indoor Studio Images: Simon Richardson Producer: Adam Towndrow

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