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What is a Relaxed Performance?

A relaxed performance is designed to have a less formal, more supportive, atmosphere in order to reduce anxiety levels. Performances will be adapted in a variety of ways, including a more relaxed attitude to noise, in order to ensure a safe, enjoyable festival visit. Relaxed performances will include a 10 minute relaxed opening and a 5 minute Q&A with the artists at the end.

Selected shows will have Relaxed Performances from 12pm-2pm before the rest of the shows start.

Out There Festival 2023.  Picture: James Bass Photography alt

Friday 31st May

12pmGrace BillingsA Day at the Beach50 13
1pmSimple CypherRoll Play4510

Saturday 1st June

12pmEric TarantolaThe Imaginary Orchestra5015
1pmDizzy O'DareKevin Tickles Dogs4511

Shows with a Relaxed Performance

What is a Relaxed Performance?Shows with a Relaxed Performance

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