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What is a Touch Tour?

Touch Tours are for you to familiarise yourself with the festival area, props and sounds used in the experience. It is also an opportunity to meet the cast and ask any questions you may have that would help when watching the show later on. They have been designed so that you can have a Touch Tour in the morning and then watch the show in the afternoon.

Touch Tours are designed for visually impaired people and people with Special Educational Needs, however, if you think you would benefit from attending please feel free. Families with an access user in the group are all welcome to join the tour.

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Great Yarmouth. Out There festival. September 2009. alt

Friday 31st May

12pmPaka the UncredibleThe Bag of Snakes3012
12.45pmLosers ArcadeThe Losers Arcade3012
1.30pmCie. Tetes de MulesParasite Circus303
6pmMarisa Carnesky ProductionsShowwomen3014

Saturday 1st June

12pmGorilla CircusRPM307
12.45pmThe Insect CircusThe Final Grande Finale301
1.30pmRimski & HandkerchiefAn Afternoon Out309

Shows with Touch Tours

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Touch Tours will take place between 12pm and 2pm on Friday 31st May and Saturday 1st June.

The Touch Tour’s will take place at each artist’s pitch throughout the festival site. If you struggle finding the pitches, please head to the Access Hub in the park and someone can escort you.

You can pick and choose which shows you wish to attend the Touch Tours for. If you want to go to all three each day there will be a steward guiding people between shows. There is a 15min break between each Touch Tour which is more than enough time to get to the next one. Please aim to arrive 5 minutes before each Touch Tour starts.

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Illuminated puppet in the dark of the night
Shows with a Touch TourLogistics

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